• Sofiia Matviienko’s musical journey began in the charming town of Pereshchepino in central Ukraine at the tender age of 5. Initially, her path was driven by the necessity to address speech difficulties, but it swiftly revealed her deep-seated passion for the art form, propelling her onto an extraordinary trajectory.


  •  By the age of 9, Sofiia had transitioned to the classical flute and relocated to Poltava, where she pursued her musical education at a prestigious music school. Her unwavering commitment and diligence garnered her honors upon her graduation from the Poltava Academy of Arts. Yet, her quest for knowledge and mastery transcended conventional avenues, with a significant portion of her expertise cultivated through the vast resources of the internet, YouTube masterclasses, and remote instruction from renowned musicians.


  •  Sofiia‘s insatiable hunger for musical excellence led her to actively participate in international flute competitions and immersive summer programs, enriching her musical acumen and fostering connections with exceptional musicians worldwide. She achieved notable victories in prestigious competitions and left her mark on international festivals in countries including Argentina, Germany, Italy, Bosnia, the UK, and more. In 2016, she reached a significant milestone with the recording of her debut CD.  

  • In addition to her musical endeavours, Sofiia is a dedicated participant in philanthropic initiatives, making a substantial impact in both the UK and Ukraine. In 2017, her exceptional talents secured her a coveted full scholarship to the Purcell School for Young Musicians in the UK, culminating in an honors graduation in 2020. Subsequently, she embarked on a transformative journey at the Royal Academy of Music, where she had the privilege of studying under the esteemed tutelage of legendary flutist William Bennett, courtesy of a generous ABRSM award scholarship. Presently, she delves into the intricate realm of baroque music, guided by the expertise of Samuel Colens.


  •  Sofiia‘s profound passion for music encompasses its diverse forms, ranging from the timeless classics of the classical era to the avant-garde sounds of the modern age. Her musical exploration has traversed the intricate melodies of baroque compositions, the emotional depths of romantic pieces, and the innovative soundscapes of contemporary music. Through the enchanting medium of the flute, she aspires to do more than merely play notes and rhythms—she aims to convey stories embedded within the music, inviting listeners to embark on their own journeys.

  •  Sofiia takes pride in her recent achievements, having been honoured as the winner of the Sevenoaks Young Musician of the Year 2023 (2nd prize) and the recipient of the Alto Prize in the flute competition at the Royal Academy of Music in 2023 (1st prize). Her musical journey has also included participation in prestigious programs such as the IGF Chamber Program, Mid-Manchester Society, Tunbridge Wells Competition, Broomsgrove Competition, and the Rotary Club Düsseldorf Schlostrum.